TAPI Line Configuration

In first step you have to configure the Asterisk Server parameters.

TAPI Line Configuration - Device Parameter

Now you have to enter the parameters in section "Asterisk TAPI Device". The dialog image shows an example for a SIP phone with extension "201".

Channel: Your phone identifier within the telephone system.


  • SIP/200
  • PJSIP/200
  • IAX/200
  • Zap/g1/11
  • Zap/1
  • Queue/600
  • ParkPos/701
  • *280 (monitor hint "*280")

Your phone number: This is used as "callerID" and optionally for call detection.

Use this extension number for call detection too:This option may help to assing calls to your ZAP-channel. Default: Off

Parameters for TAPI controlled call setup

Special Device: If you use one of the listed phones, you can select this. Then the dial commands (phone numbers) are sent directly to the phone.
=> see: Special Devices

"Standard" means no special device. In this case your phone is called from the Asterisk PBX first.

  • Your name: The calls are signalled with this name to the called party.
  • Context: Context for "Originate" and other commands like "Redirect". A Context is a section in extensions.conf.
  • Use other Cannel: You can use this option then call setup (originate) needs to be executed to another channel. Default: Off

CallerID: Settings to display the caller information on your phone and the called party. See also:CallerID-Patch

If these settings are done the TAPI driver should work now.

Write Log file: This option is move to [Server Settings> Log].