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CTI Server

xtelsio CTI Server allows to use several xtelsio CTI Clients in a network enviroment of a PBX with TAPI driver. For two clients the server is free of charge.
TAPI Distributor xtelsio CTI Server provides the function of the TAPI driver to several xtelsio CTI clients on the local network. So every CTI client can control and monitor one or several devices of the PBX.

The CTI Server can be installed on a special server PC or on one of the client PCs which acts then as a server. In the latter case the client PC may not be switched off, as long as still other xtelsio CTI clients are active.

The Server works only in combination with the xtelsio CTI Clients who own a special Server-Connector, so not with other TAPI applications.

Offline Journal When the client PC is off-line a server-based call journal can be activated, which logs all calls in absence. As soon as the client connects next time with the server, the logged phone calls are transmitted.
Security By the management console of the server you can define under "Clients" which client PCs receive authorisations for which devices. The authorisations for control and/or monitoring of the devices are assigned to the client PC names or username/password.
Supported Operating Systems xtelsio CTI Server runs under the Windows versions: NT, XP, Server 20xx, Vista and Windows7 - x32 and x64. The operating system under that of the servers runs and that of the clients can be different. 
*) Restrictions of the free version:
  • Support of maximum two Clients
  • Offline call journal is limited to two entries per client
  • maximum three devices per client

 Hints for installation and configuration
See Online-Help