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TAPI for snom

snom VoIP Telefone
Snom IP phones provide comfortable voice communications in conjunction with SIP-enabled PBXs (local or cloud) in business and home environments.
Manufacturer of Snom phones is the "snom technology AG".
Homepage: www.snom.com


xtelsio TAPI Driver for snom phones supports basic TAPI functions like dialing and hanging up and informs your TAPI application about incoming and outgoing calls including the caller and called ID. You can initiate calls directly from within Microsoft Outlook®, ACT® or any other TAPI application. The processing of incoming calls requires, perhaps, an additional TAPI application like xtelsio CTI Client.

The driver supports multiple TAPI lines.


Supported TAPI functions Supported Snom phones Not supported phones Supported Operating Systems
- Dial
- Hangup
- Answer
- Consultation
- Transfer
- Hold
- Call redirect


- Snom D3xx
- Snom D7xx
- Snom 300
- Snom 320
- Snom 360
- Snom 370
- Snom 7xx
- Snom 8xx
- Snom M3, M9 - Windows XP
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 10
- Windows Server 20xx

TAPI driver was also tested with the x64 Windows versions.
Installation and Configuration
> Installation and Configuration

You can open the configuration dialog of the TAPI driver: [Control Panel > Phones and Modem Options > Extended]. Here you should see the driver "xtelsio TAPI for snom".

Hint: xtelsio CTI Client already contains a TAPI-Connector for snom. If you use the Client, you don't need an extra TAPI driver for your snom phone.


snom is a registered trade mark of snom Technology AG.