Configuration of the FRITZ!Box for dialing via CTI and call display

Tested with: FRITZ!Box 7590, Firmware 7.10

Create FRITZ!Box user
  1. Call up "" via your browser address bar.
  2. Under [System > FRITZ!Box Users] click on "Add user".

    • For example, you can use "cti" as the username.
    • Rights:

      • The authorization for "FRITZ!Box Settings" must be activated!
        (This automatically includes the permissions for voice messages, call logs and smart home.)
      • All other permissions, including "Access from the Internet" are not required.

  3. Only for older FRITZ!Box firmware versions: Switch to the tab [System > FRITZ!Box users > Registration from the home network].

    • Put the checkmark next to "Login with FRITZ!Box username and password".

    • After "Apply", a dialog may appear asking you to confirm the settings via a telephone.

Activate the dialer
  1. In the FRITZ!Box configuration, go to [Telephony > Calls > tab "Click-to-Dial"].
  2. Activate "Use Click-to-Dial" and select the phone you want to use to make calls.
    This action may need a confirmation code input on the phone.
  3. If you need CTI-Dial for several workstations and different telephones, the CTI Client instances make this setting automatically in the FRITZ! Box.
    • To do this, the manual confirmation must be switched off under:
      [System > FRITZ!Box Users > Additional confirmation].
      Remove the tick from "Extra confirm execution of certain settings and functions".
    • Warning: As of firmware version 7.50, the "Additional confirmation" in the web configuration can no longer be switched off!
      • If the "Additional confirmation" was switched off before the update to FW 7.50, it will remain switched off.
      • Work around:
        • Export the FritzBox configuration via [System > Backup > Backup settings]. Entering a password is not a problem. The configuration is still saved as a readable text file.
        • Open the configuration file in Notepad and change the parameter two_factor_auth_enabled = yes; in two_factor_auth_enabled = no;.
        • Recalculate the checksum via "" or the offline version of it.
        • Import configuration into FritzBox.
Switch on call monitor

For live signaling of incoming and outgoing calls, the call monitor must be switched on in the FRITZ!Box.

  • To do this, dial the key combination #96*5* on a telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box. Hints: The key combination can be dialed via an analog, ISDN or DECT telephone. IP phones can not switch the call monitor. With #96*4*, the call monitor can be switched off again.

  • The FRITZ!Box provides the call monitor data in internal LAN/WLAN via TCP port 1012.

    • Warning:  Access to this port does not require an additional login and the data is transmitted unencrypted. As soon as the call monitor is switched on, in principle any local application can follow the calls live.

    • If the CTI Client needs to access the FRITZ!Box from an external network (via Internet), you should use a VPN connection.
      Warning: If you simply set up a port forwarding for port 1012 in the FRITZ!Box under [Internet > Permit Access], everyone on the Internet can read the calls!


CTI Client configuration for FRITZ!Box

Integrate FRITZ!Box as a TAPI device
  1. Under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Select], select the entry "FRITZ!Box" on the left and the "FRITZ!Box Line 1" on the right.

  2. Click on "Scan FRITZ!Box Lines ..." below.

    • In the following dialog, enter "" as the IP address, as well as the previously set username / password.

    • Click "Connect" and "OK".

    • You are now in the Scan-Dialog. The scan should start automatically and show the available phones. Select all phones that you want to use in the CTI Client and confirm with "Apply".

    • Close the Scan-Dialog with "OK".

  3. Select the required "Line/Telephone" and click on "OK (Select TAPI device)" below.

    • Warning: For IP phones only call display is supported but no CTI-Dial!

  4. You are now in the "TAPI Device" dialog again.

    • Under "Dial Settings..." please check the information on the "Location" tab.

    • All other basic settings should initially be left unchanged.

    • Close the dialog with "OK". The selected phone should now be assigned to the PhoneDialog and displayed with a green handset.


Configure the CTI Client as a SIP SoftPhone


  • The FRITZ!Box-TAPI-Lines of the type "LAN/WLAN" cannot be used as SIP-SoftPhone!
  • Remote control of a SIP-SoftPhone is also not possible!
  • The FRITZ!Box-TAPI-Lines of the type "LAN/WLAN" could only be used for call display (in connection with an IP telephone).
If you want to use the CTI Client as a SIP SoftPhone with a headset:

The CTI Client Professional includes an integrated SIP SoftPhone.

FRITZ!Box: Special notes for dial by CTI and call display

Dial by CTI

If you dial via CTI, the FRITZ!Box immediately calls the destination number. You will then have only a short time window to switch your own telephone to the connection. For example, if you have an analogue phone, you should pick up the phone immediately after dialing. If the destination subscriber accepts the call before you are localy connected, they hear the announcement "Your connection is on hold". 

  • Analog Phone: After starting the CTI dialing, simply pick up the handset on the phone to connect.

  • FRITZ!Fon (for example DECT handset C5): After starting the CTI dialing, press the green handset button on the handset for approx. 1 second to connect.

    • Alternatively, you can also press the loudspeaker key.

  • ISDN phone or other DECT phones: After starting the CTI dialing, you must wait until the destination subscriber answers the call. The FRITZ!Box then calls your ISDN telephone, which you should lift off as quickly as possible, so that the person called does not hear the announcement "Your connection will be held".

  • IP-Telephone (LAN / WLAN): For IP phones, the Fritz!Box supports no CTI-Dial!

Internal calls: Dialing internal numbers via CTI is not supported.

Test - dialing by CTI via FRITZ! Box web configuration
  • Call up "" via your browser address bar.

  • Under [Telephony > Calls > Phone Dialing], tick the box next to "Use Phone Dialing", select your phone and click "Test Call".

  • Under [Telephony > Calls > Call list], click on an existing call entry. The FRITZ! Box should now start the CTI dialing.

    • If there is no call entry yet, then make a call manually via your telephone.

    • If the CTI dialing does not work, please check the instructions below:
      Configuration in the FRITZ!Box

    • The xtelsio CTI Client uses the same technology for CTI dial.

Hangup via CTI
  • Hangup via CTI supports the FRITZ!Box only during the call setup after a CTI dialing for DECT and ISDN telephones (not for analog telephones).

  • A connected call can generally only be ended by hangup on the telephone.

  • The pickup code is: *09 + internal phone number

    • Example: *09**610

  • The pickup should work if you do it manually on the phone.

  • Unfortunately, pickup is not possible via the "FritzBox TAPI Lines" because the FRITZ!Box does not support CTI dialing of internal phone numbers.

  • If you use the CTI Client as a SIP SoftPhone on some PCs, then under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device) > Driver configuration > Edit > SIP service provider > Settings > "Functions" tab > Pickup] the pickup code is *09 to enter and check the box next to "+ phone number".

    • In addition, you should link the speed dial buttons with the respective "FritzBox TAPI lines":

      • Right click on a speed dial button > Link monitor LED.

      • The internal phone number must also be entered under "Phone number" for the speed dial button. For example: **610

      • If the speed dial button flashes, a mouse click on the button is enough for a pickup.

      • If no "FritzBox-TAPI-Line" is assigned to the speed dial button, then the pickup must be carried out by right-clicking on the speed dial button and context menu.

  • If you use the CTI Client on some PCs in conjunction with IP telephones (e.g. Yealink), then: [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device) > Driver configuration > "Dial" tab > Pickup] to enter the pickup code *09 and tick "+ phone number".

    • The same instructions above for the SIP SoftPhone apply to the pickup version.

More information
  • no display of internal calls: The FRITZ!Box only provides event messages for external calls. Internal calls are therefore not displayed via CTI.

  • Display of the called number: If you want to see in the CTI Client Journal an incoming call, which number has been called, then under [Options > Journal > Journal > Display] the column "MSN" can be displayed.

  • No international calls possible: Please check in the FRITZ!Box under [Telephony > Own numbers > Connection settings > Security] whether international calls are blocked here.

FRITZ!Box is a registered trademark of AVM GmbH.