Asterisk Manager Proxy

The Asterisk Manager Proxy should be used if more then 10 Clients needs a connection to Manager or if you need additional security functions. More infos for the Asterisk Manager Proxy are available at:

Configuration Files:
The Asterisk Manager Proxy configuration files are "astmanproxy.conf" and "astmanproxy.users".


The following parameters of astmanproxy.conf are of interest for the TAPI driver:

; astmanproxy.conf

acceptunencryptedconnection = yes
listenaddress = *
listenport = 1234
authrequired = yes/no
proxykey = secret
inputformat = standard
outputformat = standard
autofilter = off

acceptunencryptedconnection must be "yes"
The TAPI driver connects to this IP address and port.
authrequired "yes" or "no"
proxykey If set, the "secret" must also be set in the Asterisk Server Dialog.
must be "standard"
autofilter must be "off"


; Astmanproxy user list
; Reload permissions by sending a SIGHUP
; "user" is the username, secret is the password, and the (optional)
; channel setting causes filtering of events only for the specified
; channel to be sent to this user.
; user=secret,channel,out_context (to Asterisk),in_context (From Asterisk)


If you set a channel like "SIP/snom190" for a user some call states can't be detected, for example "RINGBACK".

Test with telnet

Example: connection parameters Login-Action
  - AstManProxy-IP:
- AstManProxy-Port: 1234
Action: Login
ActionID: 1
UserName: steve
Secret: steve

  1. Run "telnet 1234" via command line.
  2. The proxy should answer with "Asterisk Call Manager Proxy/Version".
  3. Copy the four linesof your adapted login action into clipboard and then via context menu into telnet session.
  4. Press 2 x Enter button.
  5. The proxy should answer with "Response: Success, Message: Authentication accepted".

Example sequence:

<font face="Courier New">telnet 1234
Asterisk Call Manager Proxy/1.22pre081119
Action: Login
ActionID: 1
UserName: steve
Secret: steve

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted</font>