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Configuration Dialog:
[TAPI-Line Configuration > Asterisk Server > Settings ... > Customize]

Incoming phone calls

Hints: Following are parameter names from the TAPI specification. The suffix "ID" always stands for "telephone number". Example: "CalledID" = called number

Show called MSN as

If your company has several external numbers (MSNs), you can specify here via which TAPI parameter this should be reported.

  • Called number: The MSN is mapped to the TAPI parameter "CalledID".
  • Redirection number: The MSN is mapped to the TAPI parameter "RedirectingID".
Fill CalledID with trunk MSN (new from 21.8.2018)

The "trunk" is the external input line of your telephone system. If your company has several external numbers (MSNs), you can explicitly specify here that the MSN detected at the trunk is reported as "CalledID". Otherwise, the "CalledID" may also contain a group call number, for example.

Fill CalledID with extension number

The TAPI parameter "CalledID" is assigned to your extension number.

Report CallerIDName as RedirectingID

The TAPI parameter "RedirectingID" is assigned to the caller name reported by the system.

Signal call waiting

Recognition of a second call by special evaluation of some Asterisk Manager events.

  • If a hangup was detected for a caller with Cause = 17 (user busy).

  • If a "Newexten" event with "PlayTones/Busy" is deteted for the caller.

New from November 29th, 2021: Advanced logic to detect calls to unregistered extensions.

  • For example, if a SIP SoftPhone is switched off, but calls to this extension should still be reported via TAPI.

  • The detection logic will probably not work for all Asterisk versions.

Time window for "Answered elsewhere" detection

After an hangup has been reported by the system for a call, it waits a few milliseconds under certain conditions to detect if the call was answered elsewhere or if the originating call is still active.
If such a case has been detected, the parameter "RedirectedID" is set in the TAPI-IDLE event and the dwReason=Pickup. In the CTI Client Journal, the call is then displayed as "missed" with an orange icon. The journal column "to" contains the phone number of the extension that answered the call or "xxx" if unknown.
The default value is 500 ms. If you receive calls incorrectly as "answered elsewhere", you can try higher values, up to a maximum of 1500 ms.