CTI Client - Feature History

Version New functions, changes, bug fixes

  • BugFix: CardDAV: During the first import, not all contacts may have been read.
  • BugFix: Outlook Contacts: The CTI Client always tries to read from the cache when starting.
  • BugFix: If reading was done directly from Outlook when starting, the start progress dialog did not display any status text.
  • BugFix: The interworking files "Missed-Call-Mail.iwc" and "missed_call_mail.vbs" were not included in the setup.
  • BugFix: The CTI Client was displayed relatively small on HighDPI monitors.
  • Offline journal sync support for: Yealink, Snom, FritzBox and Android.
    Configuration: [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Read Device Journal]
  • BugFix: Hotkey dialing from an Outlook contact did not work.
  • Connect to the CTI Server primarily via the DSN name, provided that the DSN name has been entered instead of IP.
  • For incoming calls, a new consultation call the same phone number is no longer suppressed. Reason: It could be a transferred call.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • If the telephone system does not respond to INVITE, the CTI Client repeats the INVITE request four times.
    • Maximum number of simultaneous calls can be set under "Extended".
      Previous limit: 4 simultaneous calls
  • An extra ringtone can be selected for internal calls.
  • Additional ringtones are offered.
  • Asterisk: BlindTransfer now uses the AMI command "BlindTransfer" instead of "Redirect".
  • Sending call notes (via email) can be limited to the last note.
  • Adjustment for special pickup CALLINFO events so that the correct A number is displayed.
  • BugFix: When using the TAPI driver "Global IP Tel MultiLine" the phone number may not be displayed if "Connected".
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • BugFix: Call Forwarding/DND via CSTA/SUBSCRIBE only worked for 30 minutes after the program started.
    • BugFix: It also didn't work if several accounts were configured and, for example, only the second account was selected/active.
    • BugFix: BlindTransfer did not work if the system sends a RE-INVITE immediately after the HOLD-INVITE-OK.
  • Switching to Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022. The old Redistributable Package 2008 is no longer needed.
  • Asterisk: DeviceStateChange events can be ignored for displaying LineInService/LineOutOfService.
  • BugFix: Login for Grandstream GXP21xx phones did not work.
  • New option for Terminal Server: [Options > Telephony > Hotkey dialing > Advanced... > dial existing content of the clipboard if there is no response to Ctrl+C].
    Scenario: CTI Client is installed locally and another application is running as "RemoteApp". You want to mark a number in the RemoteApp, then transfer it to the clipboard with Ctrl+C and dial it using the hotkey. For example, Ctrl+D could be configured as a hotkey in the CTI Client.
  • BugFix: In version 3.1.025, application launches via speed dial buttons were no longer carried out.
  • BugFix: With HTTP-GET, the header parameter "Accept-Encoding" was previously transmitted without a value (empty). Now "Accept-Encoding: identity" sent for explicitly "no compression".
  • Precedence status:
    • The status "Home Office" is retained, even if there is an automatic "reset" due to the status end time.
    • The "homeoffice" parameter can be set via the command line.
    • Parameters "begin" and "end" can also be specified relatively via the command line. For example: "01h30"
  • SIP-SoftPhone: Held calls now retain their RTP port. This could otherwise lead to audio problems during conference calls or multiple calls on hold.
  • FritzBox: New default setting: "React also to shortened telephone numbers (MSNs)".
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • New: integrated confere bridge,
    • Beta: TLS support for SIP; but still no SRTP (audio data),
    • BugFix: The REGISTER parameter "received" was only evaluated once, but it can also change at runtime.
  • The own presence status can be set via a speed dial button (possibly with call forwarding).Hints...
  • BugFix: The data masks of Google and CardDAV contacts were always displayed in German (even if English was selected as the language).
  • BugFix: With HTTP GET, the header parameter "Host" was transferred with ":80". This was not working with IIS. He reported a "406 Not Acceptable".
  • BugFix: Interworking: A keyboard control sequence could not be activated/executed for action type "Open document/URL".
  • Validation: The integrated FritzBox driver does not support "Please pick up the handset".
  • BugFix: Yealink T3x: Hanging up via CTI/TAPI didn't work.
  • Asterisk driver: Call assignment for local/xxx line for manual dialing.
  • BugFix: FRITZ!Box: After CTI dialing a mobile number, a call tab could remain visible. The corresponding timer has been increased from 15 to 60 seconds.
  • New: Google contacts can be integrated.
  • CardDAV:
    • BugFix: Telephone books were not read in by some CardDav servers.
    • The permissions are evaluated and the folder is displayed as write-protected if necessary.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • The name is also entered in "From:" and "To:".
    • BugFix: A call with quotation marks in the name could not be answered.
  • New: CardDAV phonebooks can be integrated.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • New option "turn direction on incoming calls". See: [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Driver Configuration > Extended]. For example, if the Internet connection runs via a mobile hotspot, the audio connection may not have worked for incoming calls.
    • When the mic is muted, short audio packets continue to be sent every second. Otherwise, some VoIP providers have terminated the connection after 30 seconds.
    • BugFix: Mic mute was unmuted when audio controls were moved.
  • BugFix: No consultation call could be initiated in state "onhold" .
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • It is evaluated whether the call forwarding/do-not-disturb switching via * commands was successful.
      Adjustments if ON and OFF codes are the same (TOGGLE mode).
  • Snom:
    • BugFix: If a long DNS name (longer than 36 characters) is used as the telephone IP, then no action URL events may have been recognized.
    • BugFix: Admin password is now transmitted URL-encoded so that special characters such as # are also permitted.
  • Grandstream GRP 26xx: BugFix: Action URLs were not set in the phone.
  • BugFix: Scan of the FritzBox extensions has been extended to a 15-second timeout.
  • BugFix: Calling up [Options > Administration > Extended Settings] led to a program crash.
  • BugFix: The desktop area was sometimes not correctly restricted when the SideBar was permanently visible.
  • The XML result is sent immediately after the action URL has been received.
  • Adjustments for Pickup with SIP-userID: Previously, minus signs were removed and a maximum of 14 characters were dialed.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: BugFix: Ring tones may not be heard in version 3.1.019.
  • IP Phones: Adjustments for Pickup with SIP-UserID instead of extension number: Previously, minus signs were removed and a maximum of 14 characters were dialed.
  • Auerswald D-400: BugFix: API tokens longer than 39 characters were truncated and a token error was reported at login. Now the tokens can be up to 79 characters long.
  • FRITZ!Box: The scan of the TAPI devices has been adapted to the new firmware 7.50.
  • Adaptation for Cisco IP PBX TAPI driver: The tool buttons for transfer and conference were not enabled in the "Consultation" state.
  • BugFix: Calling a "*.exe" via interworking with the option "Call URL invisible" was not executed.
  • Grandstream GRP Phones: Incoming calls are monitored with polling to detect pickup or forwarding.
  • Grandstream phones can also be controlled via HTTPS.
  • Snom: Polling & ClearSipLog() switched off for HTTPS because it is too slow.
  • BugFix: The TAPI dialing may not have worked on the Snom D715 with new firmware.
  • Yealink: New "Simple Login" option corresponding to the mode "Action URLs are already configured in the phone".
  • New: Connector for Android-Smartphones
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • When using RDP remote audio: Audio data output failed after resuming an RDP session. When calling, the ringing tone or the other party could not be heard.
    • An authentication name can now also contain an @.
  • Grandstream phones:
    • GRP26xx: BugFix: Login did not work with firmware
    • Additional Action URLs are set to identify whether a call was answered by another extension (pickup or call group).
    • Action URLs are always answered with "200 OK" and XML data "<Receive OK>".
  • BugFix: If multiple MSNs are used: An incorrect MSN may have been used when calling back.
  • Consultation calls are initiated via the MSN/identity of the original call (unless otherwise specified).
  • Customization for HID headsets: Strange events related to microphone mute (on/off) after headset activation are ignored.
  • BugFix: If the working directory is on a UNC path, the history may have been displayed without CSS formatting.
  • BugFix: If a server speed dial panel was integrated in the CTI Client with an "empty" reference to a CTI Server (without IP), then a new CTI Server connector was created with each start.
  • Snom: BugFix: The identities may not have been read out.
  • Snom: Optimization for HTTPS:
    - From the second TAPI dial, the commands should be executed faster.
    - For consultation calls, a 3rd call may have been created.
  • Kuando BusyLight: Ringer support for incoming calls.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • New mode for call forwarding/do not disturb based on CSTA via SUBSCRIBE for BroadSoft / Peoplefone.
    • When closing the application it does not wait for UN-SUBSCRIBE confirmation. This means that the application closes faster if there are many SIP monitor lines.
  • Via call control "TAPI device selection" a dialing prefix can also be set.
  • New option for HID headsets: "Detection when call rejected"
  • Yealink: Starting with firmware x.84.12.x, individual functions are executed with CallID. This concerns: Unhold, Answer and Transfer. This is relevant, for example, when there are several calls on hold.
  • Aastra/Mitel: Type detection has been enhanced. All models in the 68xxi series should now be recognized and treated consistently.
  • IPTAM: For call forwarding/do-not-disturb, the extension number must be entered under "Your phone number".
  • If the display shows "TAPI device could not be opened" after the program has started, then attempts are made periodically to reopen the TAPI device.
    The automatic function can be switched off in the dial settings/error handling.
  • If the status changes due to ScreenLock or ScreenSaver, the status of call forwarding/do-not-disturb is retained.
  • HID headset Gigaset ION: Call can be rejected with end call key.
  • Yealink: The mode "Action URLs are already configured in the phone" has been optimized.
  • Tiptel31xx: BugFix: for "TAPI device could not be opened"
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • RE-REGISTER are sent continuously.
    • Hidden parameter "ReRegisterWithAuth" in "cfg\SipServer.xml" to initiate the RE-REGISTER with the last authentication data.
    • If there is a fundamental REGISTER problem, no further REGISTERs are sent.
  • Adjustments for HID headsets
  • If a CALLINFO with a new phone number (OTHERPARTY_ADDR) arrives during transfer, this is also reported to the "CTI Client TAPI Connector".
  • LDAP: Added (sn=*) to the default filter for contacts. Data filter configuration has been improved.
  • Adjustments for HID headsets
  • SIP-Monitor-Lines: Adaptation for SUBSCRIBE + "202 Accepted"
  • BugFix: Snom-Line: Number dialing could fail.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • BugFix: Adjustments for RE-REGISTER when multiple Contacts.
    • BugFix: Adjustments for REGISTER logic (telekom.de).
  • Support for HID-compliant handsets (e.g. Yealink WH67 or Gigaset ION). Answering and hanging up via a button on the headset.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • RE-REGISTER logic has been adjusted.
    • If "Record-Route" contains several entries in one line, these are separated by the CTI Client.
    • BugFix: Although the microphone was muted, audio data may have continued to be sent.
    • If an INVITE with "Privacy:id" or "sip:anonymous@" arrives, the name display is suppressed.
    • If a special cordless headset is configured for the audio profile, the call tone from the headset is activated for incoming calls.
  • BugFix: The InService/OutOfService status was no longer displayed on the shortcut key LEDs during runtime.
  • CTI Client sends a "close" to the CTI Server when closing. So far only the TCP connection has been closed.
  • Small optimization in the OCR scanner ('+' character recognition).
  • Hide sound output should now also work when no microphone is connected.
    The main volume of the standard playback device is then reduced by 80%.
  • Kuando Busylight:Control was switched to HTTP.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: With CLIR, the display name is set to "Anonymous". E.g. evaluated by SipGate.
  • Terminal Server / Remote Desktop: A local CTI Client can be coupled with a CTI Client in an RDP session for CTI functions.Hints...
  • If no TAPI line is assigned to the Client in the CTI Server, local call forwarding/do-not-disturb can be set via the presence dialog.
  • BugFix: "Hide sound output" should now also work when no microphone is connected.
  • Presence Management: The behavior with "locked screen" and screen saver can be configured under [Options > CTI Server].
  • Folder link with ODBC SQL query:
    • BugFix 1: Square brackets in the SQL query were replaced by quotation marks after the import.
    • BugFix 2: The last WHERE clause is now supplemented with its own data record filter.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • UPDATE message for unknown call is answered with error code 481.
    • The "From:" and "To:" parameters are transferred with the display name.
    • Transfer mode can be set: "REFER C to A" or "REFER A to C".
    • For call diversion and call protection it can now be specified separately whether the switching should take place in the telephone system.
  • Adaptation for Yealink T5x phones. The action URLs may not have been set.
  • Asterisk:
    • New logic to detect incoming calls to an unregistered extension.
    • BugFix: The wrong number was displayed after retrieving a parked call.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • For outgoing calls, the ringer is first switched off and then the voice connection is activated. There could be a noise in outgoing calls.
    • BugFix: If SDP was received with ACK, then the setting for the preferred audio codec was ignored.
    • Error handling for missing line breaks in the SDP block.
  • BugFix: In the server group panel, phone numbers may were displayed with an outside line.
  • New: Connector for Auerswald COMfortel D-xxx telephones.
  • BugFix: Aastra/Mitel phones: When using HTTPS, it was not possible to dial via CTI.
    - No redirect from HTTP to HTTPS may be active in the telephones under "Network".
  • Asterisk:
    • In the driver configuration, a line/channel can be explicitly set to be a trunk. This is only for special cases.
    • Adaptation of the originate logic in the case that call forwarding is active for the telephone.
  • BugFix: Yealink: CTI dial for Account2 or higher did not work if the AccountName contained a space.
  • RE-REGISTER are initiated with Authorization, provided the system does not respond with "stale=true".
  • Adaptation for Grandstream GXP1610
  • Adaptation for Snom: A delayed "connected" that arrives after "disconnected" is ignored.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: An "Accepted" after SUBSCRIBE is rated as "200 OK".
  • New flat program icon.
  • New flat design. Existing installations can be converted to the flat design under [Options > Customize].
  • Asterisk:
    • Adjustment for Yeastar systems that may report a strange second ringing call.
    • The default setting for auto-answer has been changed for Yealink phones.
  • Integrated IP phone connectors: Small adjustment in pickup logic. Problem: If a new CallID was reported for connected, then no CONNECTED was displayed.
  • Integrated SIP SoftPhone:
    • DNS resolution was adjusted for "tel.t-online.de".
    • Prosessing of INVITE parameter "P-Called-Party-ID".
    • RE-REGISTER and RE-SUBSCRIBE are now executed serially.
    • SIP-Monitor-Lines (SUBSCRIBE) execute TAPI-LineOpen () synchronously.
    • SIP communication can be switched from UDP to TCP.
    • In NOTIFY events, <target url = "..."> is evaluated for pickup.
  • New Auto-Config variant for real TAPI drivers.
  • BugFix: Yealink T5x phones: Login error with passwords with special characters.
  • BugFix: A protection fault could occur in version 3.0.071.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: The size of the SIP commands has been reduced slightly to prevent packet fragmentation.
  • Adjustments for Yealink phones:
    • Adjustments for firmware "x.86.0.5"
    • T4x series: HTTPS is conditionally supported, provided that the action URLs are manually imported into the phone using a config file.
    • T5x series: HTTPS is supported.
  • Snom: HTTPS support has been optimized.
  • Support of HID-compliant headsets: Answer and hang up via headset button
  • OCR call number recognition has been optimized.
  • Hotkey dialing has been optimized.
  • BugFix: SIP-SoftPhone: If the call setup was canceled, the ringer tone may still be played.
  • BugFix: In connection with the CTI Server GroupPanel an event feedback loop could occur. Thus the CTI Server and the Clients were more heavily loaded.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: Commands with '@' can be dialed.
  • New placeholders for interworking: %local.exten%, %local.extenName%, %USERNAME%
  • New: The brightness and transparency of the key background can be set under [Options > Speed Dial].
  • BugFix: A protection fault could occur in the CTI Client.
  • New option for FritzBox-Line: "Also react to shorted phone numbers."
  • Adjustment for new Yealink firmware "x.86.0.5".
    Problem: CTI Client could no longer establish a connection to the Yealink (login).
  • Dial by "Ctrl+C+C" via clipboard (e.g. for dialing from RDP-, Terminal- or VM-Sessions)
  • BugFix: If call signaling via sound card was set for a normal TAPI line, no ringing tone may have been played.
  • BugFix: If "Dial by mouse click" was activated, a blocked CTI Client could block the entire system.
  • BugFix: When calling back directly via the PhoneDialog, dialing was made without an outside line.
  • Asterisk: If connection setup/originates was carried out internally via a local channel, no CONNECTED was recognized.
  • BugFix: SIP-SoftPhone: When a call was made to a voice announcement, the ringtone was played at the same time.
  • When reading in Outlook contacts, Windows messages are processed in parallel. Otherwise a "Server is busy" could appear.
  • BugFix: In connection with TAPI for Asterisk + SpecialDevice=Snom a conference could only be switched once.
  • Presence status with option switch for "HomeOffice". The status icon is supplemented by a small home symbol.
  • OCR call number recognition has been optimized.
  • New behavior in combination with CTI Server Group Panel Monitoring:
    If a TAPI device is assigned to the Client in the CTI Server, but this was not opened by the CTI Client, the CTI Client sends the status of its locally integrated TAPI device to the server, which then displays the call information in the group panel for makes others visible.
  • "Generate Setup": "BuildCfgDifFilter.xml" has been adjusted.
  • Yealink T57x and T58x: The action URL for DND was set incorrectly.
  • Aastra/Mitel telephones: Consultation dialing is completed with two simulated loudspeaker clicks.
    New: The second loudspeaker click is now carried out with a slight delay, because for consultation calls, it was sometimes unintentionally switched to loudspeaker or headset.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: In the case of WSAECONNRESET error 10054, several reconnect attempts are now made.
  • An active journal search filter now also filters newly arriving journal entries.
  • The info "to" is also displayed in the history.
  • BugFix: In the history an "orange" call was shown as "red/missed".
  • BugFix for version 3.0.063: CTI-dial did not work when using several Yealink accounts.
  • The journal filter for "call status" can be saved and reactivated after the program has started.
  • BugFix: In the history an "orange" call was shown as "red/missed".
    "to" is now also displayed in the info text.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • The option "Evaluate parameter 'received'" is deactivated in the basic configuration.
    • If an UPDATE message with "P-Asserted-Identity" arrives when the call is transferred, this number is taken as the new CONNECTEDID.
    • "@Computername" is added to the user agent to enable a special evaluation in the telephone system.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • BugFix: Call transfer did not work with the new FritzBox firmware.
    • BugFix: If BlindTransfer required authentication, then a protection violation could occur.
    • BugFix: SIP-Monitor-line: AutoFormat may have been activated, although the extension number and UserID are different.
  • A presence status set by the user with a start time in the future was previously displayed as "Ready/Green", but already with InfoText. Now the info text is only displayed when the status is active.
  • Snom: BugFix: CSTA dialing for numbers with # or * did not work.
  • Yealink T5xW: Adjustment for new firmware
  • BugFix: For Aastra/Mitel telephones, the Action-URLs are now answered with a special XML structure so that error messages should no longer appear on the displays.
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: A "Hint" "Custom:DEVDND220" with Status=Unavailable was displayed as an active DND. Now an Unavailable for DND is ignored.
    • Extended logic for second caller detection.
  • Audio Profiles: After a Windows 10 update, the audio profile is now retained.
    The audio devices are recognized by the device names.
  • Voice recordings:
    • Extra toolbar in the PhoneDialog (only in combination with integrated SIP-SoftPhone).
    • Optional: Automatic voice recordings at the start of a call.
  • Change for Assisited Telephony: If a data record for the phone number was found in the CTI Client, it will be displayed. Previously the name that may passed with was displayed even if, for example, "Unknown" was passed.
  • BugFix: If an extra outside line was configured for a telephone book, this was not taken into account when dialing by double-clicking and the entry was already selected.
  • BugFix: Interworking:
    • The logic "also play with empty phone numbers" was not handled correctly.
    • If the TAPI-Event-OFFERING does not report a call number, but only with a subsequent CALLINFO event, then an interworking sequence was started even if the number was known.
    • The hotkeys for deactivated interworking sequences were still active.
  • BugFix: In combination with Yealink phones, the program could crash.
  • Adaptation for 3CX TAPI drivers. After starting the program, the TAPI device could possibly not be opened.
  • If the history is linked to the server journal, the server journal is queried each time the journal is clicked.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: With a personal conference room, 4- or 5-person conferences are also possible.
  • Integrated connector for Fanvil IP phones
  • Support for Grandstream GRP series
  • Asterisk:
    • The IP phones Fanvil and VopTech are now supported as "Special Devices".
    • If several simultaneous ringing calls / conversations: In connection with "Special device"="Snom" and Snom firmware >= 8.7.4, call answer and hangup via CSTA are supported.
    • The outside line logic can be suppressed per Server under [Asterisk Server - Settings > Customize > Advanced Settings > no outside line access code].
    • BugFix: After consultation call setup, LINETRANSFERMODE_TRANSFER may not have been offered.
  • Interprocess communication has been optimized. This concerns: Outlook Addin, ActiveX and command line.
  • Setup transfer was also generally enabled in the "OnholdPendingTransfer" state.
  • Headset button clicks are prioritized to a PhoneDialog with SIP SoftPhone.
  • Real TAPI lines are opened with all offered media modes.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • BugFix: Handling of "session progress" messages without SDP information.
  • New Option: Dial timeout
  • Conditional call forwarding should be retained if a fixed forwarding or DND is set/deleted via the CTI Client.
  • Support for LDAP-Secure.
  • If the automatic opening of the contact data mask is activated in the folder properties, this is now also done when transferring calls.
  • ACT! Contacts: The addition of the country code for foreign numbers based on the contact country name has been revised.
  • BugFix: In conjunction with the "HiPath TAPI" driver, Pickup was offered in the PhoneDialog instead of a SetupTransfer.
  • BugFix: No root directories were accepted for shared number-based notes.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • Internal command dial (e.g. DND *78/*79) only ends automatically after 2 seconds. So far, it was only a second, which may have resulted in no switching in the system.
    • For SUBSCRIBE, the AuthName is also optionally saved.
    • Adaptation for double authentication with INVITE (407 and 401).
  • Asterisk:
    • For Originate, the CallerIDName is supplemented by a space to identify the call as "outgoing" in another TAPI instance.
    • BlindTransfer is generally offered for "CONNECTED" calls. Until now, blind transfer was not possible if there was still a call on hold.
    • The line scan supports format settings.
    • The logic for setting the CalledID for inbound calls has been changed slightly.
    • BugFix: A call transfer in connection with Snom phones may not have been completed. The consultation call was only set to "on hold".
    • BugFix: In the TAPI driver, a changed TCP port was only applyed with "Connect".
    • BugFix: If the channel has several minus signs (e.g. "SIP/CPBX-52988w8w-000099"), then phone numbers may have been displayed incorrectly.
    • BugFix: If "Special device"=Grandstream, the "Test" may have delivered a "TCP Connect Error".
    • BugFix: When dialing via local channel, call objects have accumulated internally and limited the number of possible MakeCall calls.
    • BugFix: An answered PJSIP multi-registration call may have been immediately displayed as "On hook".
  • FritzBox:
    • If the local number with area code is reported and the "own number" is configured in the FritzBox without area code, then calls are still assigned/displayed.
  • Snom:
    • If a second call comes in and the active call is in hands-free mode and then the handset is lifted, the second call has so far been signaled as "connected", although still ringing.
    • If transfer is assumed, the RedirectionID is set for the switched call by the B-subscriber.
  • Snom / Grandstream 21xx:
    • New Option: "Switch to headset mode after dialing"
  • Snom / Yealink:
    • AutoConfig for CTI Client: The ActionURLs_Port parameter was not resolved.
  • Yealink: Password transfer has been changed.
  • Adaptation of the download link for "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)".
  • Adaptation for Plantronics headsets (answer / hang up by clicking on the headset).
  • Support for Hight DPI monitors.
    New parameter "DPIAwareness" in "pre_cfg.ini" can be set manually if necessary.
  • FritzBox: BugFix: The login always took place via "fritz.box", even if a direct IP was configured in the CTI Client.
  • Yealink:
    • Adaptation for Yealink T57W with firmware
    • BugFix: With active DND, some Yealink models do not send a missed_call. Therefore, the rejected call is terminated immediately by timer on TAPI level.
    • BugFix: After closing the Yealink configuration dialog, the application could block for 30 seconds.
  • Snom:
    • Support of conference call via CTI.
    • When transferring, only 1 x "TRANSFER" may be necessary.
  • Support for Sangoma S705 IP Phone. (Behaves like a Tiptel 30xx.)
  • BugFix: If call for a contact with "CONTENT_TYPE_IGNORE_CALLS", then the PhoneDialog was still displayed as a popup (with old content).
  • Manually copied call control files have not yet been displayed under [Options > Telephony > Call Control].
  • Yealink:
    • For older Yealink models, consultation calls are initiated with "TRANSFER".
  • Adaptation for Plantronics headsets (answer / hang up by clicking on the headset).
  • Support for Hight DPI monitors.
  • BugFix: Sound suppression did not work for simple TAPI Lines. Sound was restored after 3 seconds.
  • Support of CTI/TAPI for Fritz!Box. Details...
  • In the PhoneDialog CallTab menu, there is a new entry to create a "Call E-Mail".
  • Interworking:
    • New alternative wildcard %call.id%. Is identical to %callid%.
      The IDs now remain unique even after a program start.
    • New placeholder %call.idTapi%. Corresponds to LINECALLINFO::dwCallID.
    • BugFix: For example, if under [Options > Interworking] a URL containing %20 represented a space, then the following spaces like %tel% were no longer resolved.
  • BugFix: If a phone number was copied to the PhoneDialog input field and the dial-button was clicked within half a second, the call was dialed using the previously shown phone number.
  • If TAPI reports a LINEDEVSTATE_OUTOFSERVICE, then the PhoneDialog is displayed as a popup with a blue dial button. (Previously, the logic was only for the integrated SIP SoftPhone)
  • If TAPI reports a LINE_CLOSE event, then the PhoneDialog will be displayed as a popup with an orange dial button.
  • BugFix: If a call in the CTI Client did not report an "IDLE" after hanging up, the Client was permanently displayed as "red" in the server panel.
  • BugFix: At the transition "CONNECTED > DISCONNECTED > IDLE", the caller name / number could be left on the speed dialing keys. (Until the next call or mouse hover.)
  • BugFix: Some Plantronics headset models may not send OnAudioStateChanged events, but only OnTalkPressed. As a result, a call could no longer be droped over the headset.
  • BugFix: ODBC SQL query could cause a program crash.
  • BugFix: Snom D725: After starting the program, a set DND may not be displayed.
  • Yealink:
    • BugFix: After 5 minutes running time no call forwarding/DND could be set.
    • With CTI Client Start the Yealink login page is loaded in the background in advance.
      Reason: If the computer is busy at startup, the Yealink login may take more than 30 seconds.
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: For a group call, it may not be recognized that the call was answered elsewhere.
    • BugFix: A call, forwarded with BlindTransfer, may still be displayed as "connected" on the B-subscriber until the C-subscriber has ended the call.
    • BugFix: Event: DeviceStateChange with "Custom:DNDxxx" might not be processed (But only "Custom:DEVDNDxxx".)
    • The Parmeter MakeCallTimeout in ast_server.xml is considered in two additional places.
  • SIP-SoftPhone:
    • BugFix: If the caller number contained a '#' (%23) then Hold / Transfer / Blind Transfer did not work.
    • BugFix: If an incoming sipgate call was held and retrieved, then the audio connection remained silent.
    • DTMF tone duration in RFC2833 mode has been extended.
    • Support for AutoConfig parameters
    • Call-Answer via Jabra headsets will no longer require Jabra Direct software.
  • Pickup logic revised and uniform for all IP Phone Connectors.
    Also on Aastra phones now a pickup should be reported as "incoming".

  • BugFix: Outlook Addin (64 bit) may not set correctly in the registry.
  • The function "Trim blanks" for ODBC data sources has been adjusted.
  • New Call Control for "Forward Call".
  • Headset button clicks will not respond until 1500 ms after the last CallEvent.
  • Snom:
    • BugFix: With deactivated Admin mode and Admin Pwd entered in the driver, the Admin mode was not automatically switched on with TAPI-lineOpen.
    • After starting the program, a set DND may not be displayed.
  • Yealink:
    • Event "cancelCallOut" is processed.
    • BlindTransfer could fail if the phone GUI responded too slowly.
  • VoIP Phones - BugFixes:
    • Aastra-Phones: MakeCall/SetupTransfer was not executed reliably.
    • Action URL - Local IP: The optional filter for "valid networks" has only checked the IP determined by the computer name.
    • If SpecialCallerNameFormat="%[#]CallerID%" then no number was reported if the name was empty.
    • The special characters '*' and '#' are passed HTML-coded for dialing actions. These otherwise might not have been dialed.
    • Only a firstOnhookEvent may be ignored. Thus, in the case of IP phones, hanging calls can be cleared by offhook+onhook.
  • Yealink: If DND is active in the Yealink, the calls will still be displayed as Incoming + Missed. Unfortunately, this does not work for call forwarding because the Yealink does not send an Action URL.
  • Yealink: Adaptation for scan of the accounts of the T58.
  • In the AutoConfig schema, placeholders such as %AppData% can be used for the Path parameter.
  • BugFix: If an IP alias was entered in the CTI Server Connector, it was not overwritten during an automatic CTI Server redirect. Only the IP was reset.
  • If the computer goes into "Hibernate/SaveEnergy", the connection to Outlook probably can not be disconnected correctly, which ends in a protection violation. Therefore, the connection is kept open.
  • BugFix: Note window: After CTI Client restart, the default font was always used, even if a different font had been set.
  • The default journal and newly created journals also offer the NameTapi, Status, and Category columns.
  • When taking over an RDP session, maximized windows could slip behind a permanently visible sidebar.
  • CTI Server Connector: No local port range is specified anymore for the TCP connection (previously 10123 ... 10478). The Windows TCP stack itself selects a free local port.
  • New Option: [Options > Telephony > Advanced Settings > Dialing via "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" transfers the phone number with outside line access ode].
  • BugFix: Client transfers CallEvent to the CTI Server without "#1".
  • BugFix: For CTI Server Panels pickup is generally offered via context menu.
  • [Options > Telephony > Call Control]. It is now possible to create control sequences of the type "Select TAPI device" with assigned TAPI line or identity.
  • For ODBC SQL queries, data fields with more than 1024 characters can be bound. However, a maximum of 1024 characters are read.
  • BugFix: The "CTI Client TAPI Connector" has transmitted the call number in CallerIDName if no name was known. Now the phone number is only transmitted in the parameter "CallerID".
  • Yealink T48G: Adaptation for scan of identities.
  • For the Yealink models T49, T58 and T56, the consultation calls are initiated with TRANSFER, so that following the transfer works.
  • Support for SIP-Phone "VopTech S4P" (dial, accept, hang up).
  • BugFix: In connection with HTek-Phones, after CTI-MakeCall + Accept + HangUp in the CTI Client the CallTab could still show "connected".
  • IP Phones:
    • When setting the firewall rules for the Action URLs, "Allow-Domain" is also set for the CTI Client.
    • Special treatment for outside line access if the number is reported with "+CountryCode" (for example +4923456789).
  • BugFix: In [Options > Interworking], keyboard remote control of other applications could fail.
  • BugFix: If an alias with more than 8 characters has been assigned to the local phone numbers/identities, then a callback from the journal may be done via the last used identity.
  • Asterisk:
    • Automatic CallerID error handling has been disabled in the basic configuration.
    • Adjustment for outside line if the number is first reported as +4923456789 and with the following NewCallerID event as 0023456789.
    • Support for lineCompleteTransfer (LINETRANSFERMODE_CONFERENCE).
      Condition: In the TAPI driver, a personal conference room was entered for the Asterisk Line, which is accessible without a PIN.
  • Adaptation for new Yealink firmware from February 2018. Authentication did not work anymore.
  • Snom: Under the tab "More" the "Call answer via Headset" can be activated.
  • For offline calls, the local numbers of the columns "to", "via" and "extension" in the journal are resolved into names using the speed-dial keys.
  • MSI creation is no longer tied to WiX 3.6.
  • BugFix: SIP-SoftPhone: After pickup, the actions hold/forward could fail.
  • BugFix: After Pickup + Hold an incorrect number may have been displayed.
  • In connection with Zoiper is new supported: Pickup, the TAPI event "BUSY" and DTMF '*' and '#'.
  • Aastra phones: XML commands are always sent via HTTP, even if the phone requires HTTPS for web configuration.
  • In history, fields of the type "URL" are displayed as a link.
  • The microphone can be muted.
  • BugFix: The option "Fade out sound on calls" may have gradually reduced the volume after several calls.
  • BugFix: GigasetDX 800A: After dialing a number, a second call from this number may have been displayed.
  • Adaptations for Grandstream GXV2160
  • Yealink:
    • If the DISCONNECTED event contains a new phone number, this is considered as transfer and an extra CALLINFO event is generated.
    • The handover was not performed reliably. For troubleshooting, a delay of 500ms was inserted.
    • Adaptation for Yealink T58
  • Integration of Outlook contacts: For root entries with the same name, only one was displayed for selection.
  • Pickup: If the B-subscriber is monitored by speed dialing, the telephone number of the A-subscriber may be adopted from this.
  • Call transfer: If the B-subscriber is monitored by speed dialing, the telephone number of the A-subscriber may be adopted from this.
  • Adaptation for TAPI120: Incoming call over group was reported with RINGBACK.
  • BugFix: Chat: With fast text input + Enter the text was not sent.
  • BugFix: After undocking the speed-dial panel, no dock-markers may have been displayed.
  • BugFix: During MSI installation, the commands "callto:", "tel:" and "cticlient:" were not entered correctly in the registry.
  • Yealink:
    • Not all identities may have been read from the phone.
    • T48G: SetupTransfer is initiated with F_TRANSFER for CompleteTransfer to work.
    • Monitoring if the transfer has been executed. If the call has not been transferred, the alternate transfer mode is used.
    • If the phone does not transmit a "Call-ID" with the ActionURLs, the phone number will be used as the Call-ID.
  • Asterisk:
    • You can also extract a CalledID from a specially formatted CallerIDName.
    • Optional auto-answer for Originate via PJSIP_HEADER.
  • BugFix: The presence status "Screen Locked" may still be displayed although the Client was "ready" again.
  • Asterisk: Consultation by Atxfer did not work reliably. Problems with cancellation or wrongly dialed number. Ringback was not reported.
  • BlindTransfer via TAPI may not be executed.
  • LDAP: Adaptation for Auerswald PBX. So far no call numbers were read out.
  • Adaption of dialing parameters for Grandstream GXP1625
  • Yealink: "CANCEL" is is used for most models now. So far "F4" was used as default.
  • BugFix: Asterisk LineScan: If "sip show user" returned an error response, no further "sip show user" commands were sent.
  • "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" now saves the LineAddressNames so that they are identical to the latest state after a computer restart. The LineAddressNames can be fixed to "standard" by registry entry.
  • BugFix: Dialing settings for Liechtenstein have been adjusted.
  • New: Call forwarding for SIP SoftPhone
  • Asterisk:
    • If an "Event Bridge" reports a new call number, this is interpreted as a call transfer.
    • BugFix: If the Asterisk system responded to the Line-Scan on Action "ExtensionStateList" with a response error without ActionID, the scan was aborted without result. (e.g. at IPTAM-PBX)
  • The Zoiper connector has been extended for conference and DTMF.
  • BugFix: Alias in SQL queries could cause problems.
  • Asterisk:
    • An Event ExtensionStatus with status 8 (ringing) is ignored for InService/OutOfService detection.
    • Hangup-Cause "26 / Answered elsewhere" is evaluated and possibly mapped to LINECALLREASON_PICKUP.
  • New Option: "If the action URLs could not be configured, then cancel TAPI-LineOpen with error."
  • Asterisk:
    • Login is now sent with ActionID.
    • UTF8-coded umlauts are decoded in the line scan.
    • Scan of the TAPI lines is done by the action "ExtensionStateList".
    • BugFix: In the case of transfer, the A number was not reported as a CONNECTEDID for the C subscriber.
  • BugFix: Tiptel 31xx: After dialing an invalid number, a CallTab could remain.
  • BugFix: Yealink: After Hold/Unhold the conversation was possibly displayed as "onhook".
  • New mode "Action URLs are already configured in the phone". Thus, LineOpen does not try to set the ActionURLs.
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: Transfer could result in a exception error.
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: If a "Linkedid:" was transferred with NewChannel event, an incoming call could possibly be recognized as outgoing.
  • Notes:
    • The notes windows now supports several tabs and the optional processing of contact and phone number related notes.
    • Phone number related notes can optionally be displayed as preferred.
    • A tab "General" is provided for personal notes.
  • Tobit-David: Support for CSV files exported from Tobit-David. The double column name "Company" is automatically corrected and a standard data mask has been created.
  • If a network configuration directory is set, the CTI Client waits for the drive to start.
  • BugFix: The phone number resolution for speed dials with external numbers had not worked.
  • At program start, connection error messages to CTI Server will be suppressed.
  • BugFix: If a connection to the CTI Server could not be established, there might have been a protection violation on program exit.
  • If MakeCall is acknowledged with LINEERR_INVALCALLPARAMS, any CLIR / LINECALLPARAMFLAGS_BLOCKID that is set is switched off.
  • Askozia:
    • Various adjustments have been made. For example, for "Originate".
    • Warning: The detection of transfer for the C-party currently only works if the B-party is also monitored via an open TAPI line.
  • Aastra 6757i: For pickup, an "outgoing" event is ignored.
  • Tiptel 3020: Problem: If a call is rejected with "Reject", then no ActionURL is triggered. WorkAround: If a call is rejected by CTI, the driver generates an IDLE event.
  • Adjustments for Yealink T21P E2
    • Adjustments for Yealink:
    • If the external IP was set as DNS name, then resolve it into IP address. The Yealink obviously does not resolve DNS names in the "Action URI allow IP List" itself.
    • Terminal Server: If the start button is clicked under "Action URLs" and the port is already occupied, an error message is displayed.
      In older versions the next free port was used in the background.
  • Grandstream:
    • GXP2135: [Settings > Call Features > Click-To-Dial Feature] is automatically set to "Enabled".
    • BugFix: For Grandstream GXP21xx passwords with '#' did not work.
  • If a new record is created in Outlook from the journal, the number is now entered in the first field "BUSINESS_TELEPHONE_NUMBER".
    This only affects newly linked Outlook folders
  • Changeover for "Create Contact" from Journal and PhoneDialog.
    • The destination folder is now selected via the menu.
    • The hotkey is F7. Ctrl+F7 creates a new contact in the default folder.
    • The default folder for new contacts can be set in [Options > Phonebook].
  • BugFix: The "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" has reported the CalledID with a maximum of 9 digits for incoming calls.
  • "Hold + Dial" can now be set for consultation mode.
  • Asterisk:
    • Support for Grandstream GXP21xx phones
    • Support for Grandstream GXV3240 phones
    • Special treatment of "CallerIDNum: ####.ylnkt##"
    • If pickup is detected, LINEDISCONNECTMODE_PICKUP is reported.
    • BugFix: Extensions for DND, CF, USERINFO have not worked for PJSIP channels.
    • BugFix: If numbers are extracted from the Dialstring parameter, then invalid characters are removed. For example "Tel18" => "18".
    • BugFix: If the "Newexten" event has reported an extension with '+', an incorrect number might have been reported.
  • Aastra 6757i: For pickup, an "outgoing" event is ignored.
  • BugFix: Pickup from a SIP-Monitor-Line has not worked.
  • BugFix: LCR provider could not be manually switched.
  • BugFix: If the handset is first picked up and then dialed via the command line, the call number has not been displayed in the PhoneDialog.
  • BugFix: LineSetStatusMessages() has been supplemented by LINEADDRESSSTATE_DEVSPECIFIC so that the USERINFO can be received by the TAPI driver.
  • BugFix: If a name was searched for in the PhoneDialog after a call, the search was only started after entering a space.
  • BugFix: The first 0 is no longer truncated as an outside line in the case of the own private branch numbers.
  • BugFix for Jabra-CordlessHeadsets: If the "Jabra Direkt" software was not installed, the ring tones could not be heard and the microphone was not activated.
  • NEC systems may report BLF calls via TAPI, but with dwAddressID>0. These calls are ignored.
  • BugFix: The detection of "Call completed elsewhere" did not work if the speed dial button with the CONNECTED call was located behind a button with OFFERING.
  • Asterisk:
    • When calling via a queue, the queue number is mapped to the RedirectingID (previously the CalledID).
    • BugFix: After consultation with Atxfer, a "connected" may not be displayed for the consultation call.
    • The events "MusicOnHoldStart" and "MusicOnHoldStop" are evaluated.
    • If necessary, "pjsip show endpoints" is used to determine the state of the PJSIP extensions.
    • Event "DeviceStateChange" is evaluated for (InService/OutOfService).
    • Treatment of Atxfer has been adapted.
  • Snom:
    • BugFix: HTTP passwords with a colon did not work.
    • Dialing a number that starts with #
      • If the Snom telephone does not execute the dial action, it is switched to "CSTA dialing" once.
  • BugFix to Version 3.0.030: The number-related notes were stored in the root of the work directory, instead of "notes".
  • BugFix: Document templates with *.docx and *.dotx were not retained.
  • In the case of manual dialing, unclear name resolutions are suppressed in the "DIALING" state.
  • BugFix: For [File > Working Directory > Backup] and automatic backups, open journal files have not been copied.
  • Changes to the "CTI Client TAPI-Connector":
    • The CallerID has been assigned the LineAddr for incoming calls. Now the CTI Client passes the CallerID.
    • The RedirectingID and RedirectionID are also transferred.
    • lineGetAddressCaps now also supplies the LineAddr from the current/last call in the CTI Client.
    • It can be restricted to external call events.
  • Asterisk:
    • Scan of PJSIP extensions.
    • BugFix: The event "Attended Transfer" has been processed only if a transfer scenario was detect before.
    • BugFix: The SIP Monitor Lines (SUBSCRIBE) did not work with Asterisk 13.
  • Snom: Now "key=CANCEL" is used for hangup, instead of "/index.htm?HANGUP=1" to disconnect the headset.
  • For Yealink authentication is enforced. Default "admin".
  • Under [Options > Windows > Sidebar] spaces can now be set to monitor border.
  • BugFix: Generate Setup:
    • "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" and "Outlook Addin" were not installed with MSI.
    • If an auto-config has been executed by the master, this has prevented the unique auto-config in the clones.
  • New Option: "No live synchronization on changes in Outlook".
  • BugFix: The "dialer.exe" in conjunction with the "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" has shown the error message "... incompatibel with TAPI.DLL" under Windows 7 x64.
  • Setup supports wildcard "%APPDATA%" and other placeholder.
  • History was adapted for printing and it can display extra fields.
  • Alert-Window for speed dial keys with LED when free again.
  • Unicode CSV files can be read-in.
  • The monitor LED Lines are also evaluated to see if a group call was answered by another line.
  • Support of SIP-SoftPhone ZoiperBiz 3.29
  • OCR number recognition has been improved. A '1' could be recognized as '3'.
  • new optional Journal columns "Status" and "Category"
  • new optional Journal column "NameTapi". This column shows the name reported via TAPI.
  • The name reported via TAPI may optionally be displayed in the PhoneDialog-Infoline.
  • Support of new Kuando Busylights with SDK version 3.x.
  • BugFix: If the speed-dial-menu has been opened via hotkey, the dial-action was not executed.
  • If the setup can't detect the path to "MyDocuments" then the path "AppData\Roaming" is used.
  • Directory for phone-related notes can be set per option.
  • BugFix: If a record was not found in the primary data source, possibly another record was removed from the cache.
  • In the journal, the date is displayed with a dot after the month (when viewed without year).
  • Bugfix: When a Yealink phone is not available via the standard HTTP port 80, but only through a different port, then the "Test" has shown a "TCP Connect Error".
  • Snom:
    • "Phone_Admin_Pwd" was included as Autoconfig parameter.
    • Adation for transfer in state 'offering'.
    • Numbers starting with * or # are not dialed via CSTA anymore.
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: During call setup via Originate a second incoming call could appear.
    • BugFix: An anonymous call from a queue was possibly reported as "outgoing".
    • BugFix: An Asterisk QueueMemberStatus event could bring the CTI Client to crash.
    • BugFix: In Pickup situation a wrong number may be reported.
    • For pickup detection and the local phone number is evaluated.
    • In CALLINFO::DevSpecific the UniqueID of the own channel and the partner channel is entered.
    • The events "QueueCallerJoin" and "QueueCaller Leave" are processed.
  • BugFix: When dialing via "Aastra Line" the loud speaker was activated instead of headset/handset.
  • New: DND for SIP SoftPhone.
  • BugFix: If the CallControl was enabled at runtime, it has affected only after restarting the application.
  • With SIP Monitor Lines also own voicemail box can be monitored.
  • BugFix: In combination with Auerswald LAN-TAPI no call forwarding could be set.
  • BugFix: If there are no TAPI events received after setup a consultation call, there was a protection violation during next dial action.
  • BugFix: Aastra: When in [Dial > Identity for outgoing connections] the first entry "active identity" was selected, a conultation call could not be canceled.
  • Snom: Action URL 'received_attended_transfer' is evaluated only for incoming calls.
  • ActionURLs: Under "Advanced" valid IP networks can be entered now.
  • Adaptions for Tiptel 30xx; Tested functions: Dial, Answer, Consultation, Transfer, BlindTransfer, Redirect, Cancel a consultation call in state ringing and connected.
  • New option for Interworking Transfer Sequence: "Copy number/data into clipboard"
  • New global and local hot keys for call control.
  • Modified logic in PhoneDialog:
    • In case of two waiting calls: The second call is assigned to a background tab.
    • In case of a waiting call: The receiver button shows still the state of the active call.
  • BugFix: The search in the Search Window and PhoneDialog has ignored the network folder.
  • BugFix: If option "Display new destination number for outgoing connections" was active, the RecordID may not saved in the journal. (for extension numbers)
  • Skype: Dial commands are sent via command line parameters to Skype.
  • A Server Group panel can be connected to a local journal.
  • Server Journal events and offline calls are now handled asynchronously in the client.
  • BugFix: Plantronics headset button is locked after the first offering for 1500 ms.
  • BugFix: The configuration of the Outlook Journal Logging could bring the application to crash.
  • The shutdown timeout has been increased to 30 seconds.
  • Yealink T4x: The Action URL "Remote Call Canceled" is supported to detect missed calls via call groups. Requires the current Yealink firmware x.80.0.70.
  • Gigaset DX: CTI-dial now switches to handsfree.
  • Asterisk: BugFix: Hold/Consultation by Parking.
  • The CTI Client setup registers the Capabilities "callto:" and "tel:" in the system. This is necessary for dialing via "callto:"-links under Windows 10.
  • Interworking:
    • BugFix: international phone numbers were transferred without "00" then using %tel%.
    • Modification: Local phone numbers are transferred with area code or country code when you use the placeholder %ctel% or %itel%.
  • The order of the Journal columns can be changed by Drag & Drop.
  • Snom:
    • Dial via CSTA, when phone number starts with # or *.
    • BugFix: lineDrop after lineMakeCall could be acknowledged with OperationFailed.
  • Asterisk:
    • Processing of "sip show peers" was changed because several entries may be reported for a channel/user (one entry with IP and other enries without IP).
    • Hint *11*: "State:Unavailable" is ignored.
    • The queue member states are mapped to the presence management icons.
  • BugFix: Outlook Addin could crash Outlook in case longer numbers in an e-mail.
  • BugFix: Changes in [Options > Telephony > Call Control] were applied until restarting the CTI Client.
  • TAPI-Connector for Gigaset DX 800A/600A
  • BugFix: Option dialogue could not be opened under Vista (after Windows update) .
  • BugFix: Fixed protection faults in combination with CTI Server
  • Control of Plantronics headsets requires installation of the latest "Plantronics Hub" software:
  • Snom: ActionURL "received_attended_transfer" is evaluated.
  • BugFix: Yealink: Transfer did not work, because the firmware version was not scanned/analyzed.
  • Asterisk:
    • The processing of the ExtensionStatus events can now be suppressed for InService/OutOfService.
    • BugFix: For lineMakeCall with auto answer SIP header possibly two outgoing calls could be signaled.
    • From event NewState/Ringing preferably the parameter ConnectedLineNum is used as caller number.
  • BugFix: ODBC: In case of UTF8 encoding, incorrect values could be were written to the database.
  • Outlook Journal entries will be created with parameter "company name".
  • BugFix: Interworking URL parameters are UTF8-encoded.
  • PhoneTSPs: If in case of "call pickup" the A-Party Phone Number is transmitted as Name, this is interpreted as calling party number.
  • Yealink T4x: Setting/reading CallForward/DoNotDisturb is supported again.
  • Asterisk: BugFix: An incoming group-call could be misdetected as "outgoing" if the trunk call was parked.
  • PhoneDialog-InfoLine: Optional display of contact folder name in state ringing/conversation.
  • If a transfer has been detected on a monitor line and the C-party is the own main line, the number from the A-party is transmitted to the main line.
    Applies to SIP SoftPhone and SIP Phone lines.
  • BugFix: Call forwarding changes were not tracked in the CTI Client. It was still displayed the old forwarding destination.
  • DISCONNECTED is only ignored when it arrives shortly after OFFERING.
  • Yealink: Support for firmware x.73.x.x
  • Username / password is supported for HTTP phone books now.
  • BugFix: Phone books could not be loaded via HTTPS (HTTP only).
  • Dial via command line with parameters in quotes: start cticlient:"/dial 023456789"
  • Snom: For each MakeCall is checked for hidden security features.
  • BugFix: Activation of the Outlook addin under [Options > Outlook] could show an incorrect error message.
  • Support for embedded browser windows
  • SIP: BugFix: RE-Register / "not here"
  • Web URLs can be opend via the E-mail button.
  • Journal: Entries can be marked again as "missed" via context menu.
  • Team Chat in conjunction with CTI Server:
    This requires the use of xtelsio CTI Server from version 1.2.007 and that in the CTI Client, a group from the server is integrated as a speed dial panel.
    In CTI Client, the chat feature must be activated under [Options > CTI Server].
  • BugFix: In rare cases, the application has blocked when resizing the window. Then also no window dock marks were displayed.
  • Asterisk:
    • Adjustments for Asterisk 12
    • BugFix: Event UserEvent with InfoText: The InfoText was not displayed.
    • BugFix: Some Asterisk messages were not decoded.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: Contact Expire-values less than 60 seconds are supported.
  • BugFix: Phonebook: In case of search by "filter" the results list were deleted by clicking on it.
  • The OCR scanner has been improved to detect the '1'.
  • BugFix: A hanging Conference Moderator tab is automatically released.
  • Outlook API Error 0x8002801D is corrected automatically during setup - or by demand at runtime.
  • BugFix: The font size in the note window was always "system" after application start.
  • OCR scanner has been improved
  • Yealink: Dial via the 2nd or 3rd account is supported.
  • BugFix: Monitor handling: Now, the Monitor-ID is no longer evaluated, but the Monitor-coordinates.
  • BugFix: A permanently visible Sidebar was positioned incorrectly after screen lock and has limited the working range.
  • BugFix: PhoneDlg was not displayed automatically at pickup via phone.
  • BugFix: After long computer/server runtime, the dial-button may not starts the call setup.
  • SIP-SoftPhone: New Option: Reject all calls (only monitoring).
  • Snom: If "hidden security features" were activated, the Test has displayed "Error Action set URLs!".
  • Asterisk:
    • BugFix: When a "Special Devcie" was assigned and was then changed back to "Standard", the "old" number was possibly still displayed.
    • Monitoring of parked calls via "ParkPos/xx", where xx is the Park position. For each parking position a line must be configured.
  • Outlook: If the CTI Client is going to access Outlook and multiple Outlook profiles are available, Outlook is started in advance to force the profile selection by the user and thus to prevent the message "Server is busy".
  • BugFix: Default Outlook contacts were not stored with path "*\Contacts". Thus, it results in a problem after setup generate. In the cloned installations the contacts then could not be read.
  • Flickering when searching the phone book has been removed.
  • Via TAPI reported names are UTF8 decoded (eg รถ => ๖).
  • BugFix: A faulty Journal cache is automatically repaired.
  • BugFix: When moving data records with Ctrl, the record from the source was not deleted when the Column Mapping dialog was between blinded.
  • BugFix: When dialing via "callto" or "tel" now all the HTML codes are resolved. e.g.: tel:%2B49 %283333%29 4444-0 => +49 (3333) 4444-0
  • Bugfix: Environment variable as a local profile was not displayed in the options.
  • BugFix in 3.0.016 Version: Server plugin was disabled after initial installation.
  • Dialing from journal can be controlled by option. (Use standard TAPI TAPI device or other device)
  • Maximum length of the outside line code was increased from 7 to 11.
  • Journal column for outside line code was increased from 8 to 12 characters.
  • Yealink: "Action URI allow IP List" is set automatically.
  • Snom: Call hangup action is observed by timer.
  • Asterisk:
    • User events like "SetDND" were not processed when a Uniqueid was included in the event.
    • A %2B at the beginning of numbers is replaced by +.
  • Journal export has been enabled.
  • BugFix: In the basic configuration PhoneDialog was not closed automatically at end of call.
  • BugFix: LDAP folder was empty after update, when the LDAP-root was linked.
  • BugFix: UTF8 header is evaluated when reading text files.
  • BugFix: In automatically opened Outlook contacts always a time stamp was inserted even if the option was disabled.
  • BugFix: The Outlook error message "server is busy" should no longer occur.
  • Line-AutoConfig was improved in the Client (if permissions in the CTI Server have been changed).
  • HTTP sources can be read through a proxy.
  • BugFix: New linked HTTP sources were not sorted.
  • Automatic application startup after setup has been removed, otherwise problems could arise with the working directory.
  • BugFix: If LDAP root contained only one level, the structure could not be loaded (program exception).
  • BugFix: If only one CONNECTED_ID was reported, this was not shown.
  • BugFix: Redial button was not enabled in some cases.
  • BugFix: In setup the Outlook addin could not be selected.
  • BugFix: When you open the folder properties and save with OK possibly new CTI Server connections are created.
  • BugFix: Interworking control sequences may have been executed several times.
  • BugFix: Interworking control sequences could distort the calling number.
  • BugFix: A speed dial option was not saved.
  • BugFix: When updating from version 2.x ODBC and LDAP folders were not included.
  • BugFix: Yealink test has possibly reported OK in the second test, even though the password was wrong.
  • BugFix: SIP: REGISTER expire can be set by the system to a minimum of 60 seconds.
  • SIP: New option for "Connected UDP socket"
  • BugFix: CSV files from a network drive were not loaded.
  • BugFix: In the server-based history all calls were displayed with duration 00:00.
Features of the new version 3.x:
  • Server-based speed dial panel.more...
  • Presence management in conjunction with CTI Server.more...
  • Search filter for Journal.
  • Direct search in the PhoneDialog.more...
  • Improved signaling of missed calls.
  • More than 16 embedded speed dial buttons.more...
  • Flexible window design.more...
  • Search window for contacts, speed dial and appointments.more...
  • Multiple Views for the PhoneDialog.
  • Font sizes can be configured.
  • Journal was converted to SQLite.
  • Setup generator has been modified.

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