Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Telephony > Busylight]

Using a "Busylight" you can indicate your colleagues if you are on a call, do not want to be disturbed or if you are ready to answer a call.For more information about Busylight ...

This dialog is only available if the "Busylight" plug-in is activated under [Options > Customize > Components and Plug-ins].

Select Busylight device

From the drop-down list select the Busylight device to be used.

Show the following states via Busylight

Busylight colors

Each Busylight state can be assigned a color. Select the appropriate entry in the list and open "Edit Color" dialog either by double-clicking or via button "Edit Color...". The overall brightness of Busylight display can be set using slider between 5% and 100%.

Use the "Test" button to check the settings for color and brightness.