Integration of text files

There are two ways to use text files as directories:

a) Integrate existing address data as a formatted text file

Partially, address data are available as a formatted text file, for example, after an export from another application. You can integrate the text files whose data fields are separated by semicolon or tabulator via [PhoneBook > New > New > Folder Linking] in write protected mode.


  • If you need writing access as a single user on the address data, the variant b) with following data import is to be used.
  • If you need writing access for several users, a text file is the wrong format. Suitable alternatives are listed under Shared Address Data.

b) construction of a new folder

To create a new folder, choose [PhoneBook > New > New Folder > PhoneBook] and follow the dialog wizard. Afterwards in this folder you can administer your address data or import also existing records. The data are always stored in your local working directory.


  • Other users may carry out no writing operations on this folder.
  • In the editor's mode of the data mask you can add new data fields or adapt available ones.