Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Customize]


Language: Select the language to use.

Protect the working directory for multiple use: Ensures that the working directory is used at the same time only one application instance.

Confirm close the application: Prevents accidental closing of the application, a confirmation dialog is displayed.

Daily application restart: The application is restarted daily at 4:00 clock.

Start application automatically: It creates a program shortcut in the Windows Startup folder. The personal Startup folder can be opened as follows: Simultaneously press the [Windows] and [R] buttons so that the "Run" window opens. Enter "shell:startup" and confirm with "OK".


  • The Startup folder for "All Users" you can open with "shell:common startup".
  • By using parameter "/start_delay SECONDS" the application can be started delayed. (maximum is 120 seconds)

Backup Settings: Here you can configure an automatic backup from the working directory.


Choose the Design to use, Flat or Classic. The switchover only takes effect after restarting the application.

The "Set all colors to default" button sets the colors of the application window, sidebar, phone dialog and appointment alarm dialog to the colors specified by the respective design.

Further information on design, colors, font sizes and window layout can be found here ...


This page is used to edit the most important hotkeys. Select the entry to be edited in the list. The selected hotkey is now shown in the 'edit key' field.
Set the input focus in this field and press the desired key combination.

The selected hotkey is applied.
The hotkey will be deleted.
Opens a favorites menu with predefined hotkeys.

Components and Plugins

This page allows you to enable or disable components and plugins. Components that are not needed can be deactivated here. This has the advantage that these components are not loaded and do not occupy any resources. The settings of the disabled components obtained so that they can be used after re-activation in the same condition further. Changed settings might need a restart of the application to take affect.

Font Sizes

This page allows you to set the font and font size for specific elements of the application. First select the category and then the element to be customized. In the drop-down list box "Font size", you can select the font size to be used. The font size "User1" and "User2" can be adapted in the section "User font settings".