Configuration Dialog:
[Optiones > Windows]

A detailed description of Window Management see here...

General Window Settings

Add Application window / Sidebar:  Selecd "Window" in the component list of the Options dialog and then select the appropriate entry from the context menu.

Remove or rename Application window / Sidebar: Mark the window in the component list of the Options dialog and select from the context menu the appropriate entry.

Hint: The first application window (main application window) can not be removed or renamed.

For more information: The Options dialog - Add, remove and rename Components...


Close empty Tab window automatically: Tab windows are automatically closed when they are empy after closing or disconnecting a document window.

Allow Window positioning by drag & drop: Disable this option to prevent docking/undocking of document windows by Drag & Drop. This setting applies to all application windows. The docking or undocking via context menu is still possible.

Control active application window using a hotkey

Using this hotkey you can control the keyboard navigation between the tab windows in the active application window.

Window background color

Using the settings for color 1 and color 2, you can adjust the gradient background for the respective types of windows. A background color without gradient can be set if "Color 2 = Color 1".

Application Window Settings

Show window with call

Application windows and sidebars can be automatically displayed on incoming and outgoing calls. It is also possible to hide automatic-pop-up windows, again after the end of a call or restore to its previous state.

Hint: Settings for the automatic pop-up mode of the PhoneDialog are available under [Options > Telephony > Phone dialog > Dialog Settings].

Settings to automatically fade-in a phone book data mask can be found in the "Properties (folder)" of the respective phonebook folder.

Show window with global hotkey

This option makes it possible to show or hide an application window or a sidebar with a user-defined global hotkey.

Tab Window

Hidden title bar: This option allows to display a hidden title bar (Tab) as a click-sensitive "placeholder".

Hint: Title bars, which contain more than one tab can not be hidden.

Completely hidden title bars can be shown via the dialog right-click menu or the Window menu.