With xtelsio CTI Client you can manage and monitor all phones and PBX' for which a TAPI driver is provided.

Supported TAPI devices

Below is a list of some TAPI-enabled systems and phones that customers are already using successfully.

  • Aastra 53i, 55i, 57i, 6739i
  • Aastra 5370
  • Aastra DeTeWe OpenCom 100
  • Aastra DeTeWe OpenCom x360
  • Alcatel OmniPCX Office
  • Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise und 44100
  • Alcatel 4400
  • Asterisk VoIP PBX systems
  • Auerswald COMpact 5020 VoIP
  • Auerswald COMpact 4410
  • Auerswald COMpact 3000
  • Auerswald COMfort 2000 phone
  • Auerswald COMmander Basic
  • Auerswald COMmander 6000RX
  • AVAYA/Tenovis Meridian
  • AVAYA IP Office
  • Bintec Elmeg Digitalisierungsbox Premium
  • Cisco IP PBX
  • Cisco CallManager Express (CME)
  • Digitalisierungsbox Premium (Bintec Elmeg)
  • elmeg E2440
  • elmeg C44, C46xe
  • elmeg ICT880
  • Ericsson MD110 Line
  • Eumex 404
  • Eumex 800V
  • europa30i
  • Gemeinschaft 3
  • Gigaset VoiP PBX TX00 (Asterisk)
  • Gigaset DX600 A, DX800A, DX600A
  • Gigaset SX323
  • innovaphone IP-PABX
  • Nortel CS 1000 MG
  • Octopus open
  • Octopus F200 = Hipath 3300
  • OptiSet at Hicom 150 E
  • Panasonic KX-TD
  • Panasonic NS700 telephone system + CTI Server + "estos ECSTA for Panasonic" multiline TAPI driver
  • Philips ErgoLine D330/D340
  • Siemens HiPath 3500 + CMD-Server
  • Siemens HiPath 4000 + CAP-Server
  • Siemens OptiPoint 500 USB + HiPath 4000
  • Siemens Telas-Server 3.1
  • Snom 3xx, 7xx, 8xx
  • Starface (only First-Party-TAPI)
  • t-comfort 730
  • tiptel 175 clip
  • Yealink T22P, T28P, T38G, T42G, T46G, T4xS, T5x

Problems with TAPI devices?

With xtelsio CTI Client you can manage and monitor all phones and PBX' for which a TAPI driver is provided.
Because the TAPI serve as a general-valid interface for a huge number of existing telephony hardware, their specification is variable in some points.

In what can the behaviour of the TAPI drivers vary?

  • Support of optional functions such as: Consultation, Hold, Toggle, Conference, Transfer, Call Forwarding, ...
  • Call State Events: The TAPI drivers send with call setup, with incoming phone call, with consultation and other relevant actions state event messages to the TAPI application. The type and the order of the state events can vary according to TAPI driver or also in dependence of the software version of the PBX.

If the application has problems with the state events of your TAPI driver, you can log these events with the TAPI monitor. You can activate the TAPI monitor via [Menu> Extras > Start TAPI monitor].
For an adaptation of the CTI Client to your TAPI driver, please send the monitor output with a small note to: info@xtelsio.de.