CTI Client in use with Zoiper BIZ

Zoiper is a VoIP softphone, that supports SIP and IAX, conference calls, several speech codecs and encryption. The xtelsio CTI Client contains a Connector for the business version of Zoiper (32 Bit). So you can setup, accept and hang up phone calls with the CTI Client GUI.

The 64-bit version of Zoiper is not supported.

26.9.2017:According to Zoiper support, the API is not yet available for the Zoiper 5 version. They have been working on this since 2017, but they can not yet name a release date.
The version Zoiper 3 with API is available for download at:

Integrate Zoiper in the CTI Client

Please select under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Select > VoIP] the "ZoiperBIZ Lines".

The driver configuration dialog indicates whether a connection to the Zoiper API could be established. All necessary VoIP settings have to be configured directly in Zoiper.

Zoiper configuration in combination with CTI Client

If you run Zoiper before xtelsio CTI Client, the following options have to be deactivated in Zoiper:

  • [Settings > Automation > Notification > There is an incoming call]
  • [Settings > Automation > Automation > Automatic popup for incoming calls]
  • [Settings > Automation > Automation > Popup menu for incoming calls]


If you start xtelsio CTI Client before Zoiper, Zoiper starts automatically in the background. Then the surface remains invisible, even if you run Zoiper afterwards by hand. While finishing xtelsio CTI Client the Zoiper instance is still running. The Zoiper process can be stopped by the Task-Manager when required.