Using ActiveX Control - Example with Microsoft Access®

The Professional version installs an ActiveX-Control in the Windows system which can be used in other applications for:

  • processing of the incoming and outgoing call events with caller ID, name and other parametres,
  • dialing phone numbers and, as well as
  • terminating calls.

Hint: Antivirus software may block the installation of the ActiveX control policy.

The following picture shows a simple Access form with the ActiveX-Control.

Form from "Contacts" table

In the area "Call" all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically indicated. If the CTI Client recognizes a telephone number from the table "Contacts", the record ID is also shown. Then a click on "Open" opens the data record.

The Access table "Contacts" must be linked in the Client.Infos...
A click on the button [Dial] dials the phone number from the form field.

Technical Bases

You find the Access database with this form in the working directory in the folder "test-db-access". You can open the working directory simply via: [Menu > ? > Open Working Directory]. If the working directory still contains an old Access database without this form, this is not replaced automatically with an program update. You find the actual Access database then in the setup directory under: "workingDir\test-db-access\".

You can integrate the ActiveX-Control in an Access form by these steps:

  • Open your Access form in the design mode
  • Select in the Menu: [Insert > ActiveX Control Elements...]
  • Choose "PSAXTapi Control"

The Visual BASIC Script of this example form demonstrates the processing of incoming calls and how to make outgoing calls.
Right-click the button [Open] and choose [Event...]

Important: The ActiveX control must be integrated into a GUI for receiving call events (e.g. a Access form).

Polling for CallEvents

In Web services, possibly a polling for call events is necessary.

The basic program flow for polling would be as follows:

<font face="Courier New">PSAXTapi.EnableCallEvent(1);

// Execute in seconds (by timer):

callID = PSAXTapi.PollCallEvent();
if ( callID )
    phoneNumber = PSAXTapi.GetOtherPartyAddr(callID);
    incoming = PSAXTapi.IsIncoming(callID);
    stateName = PSAXTapi.GetCallStateName(callID);

    // continue Event processing...


Install 64-bit version

  1. Start the Windows command line with administrator rights.
  2. Run the following command:
    • Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\xtelsio_CTI_Client\x64\PSAXTapi.ocx"