The following command lines parametres are supported

/dial PHONE_NUMBER [/drop SECONDS] [/line x.x] The PHONENUMBER will be dialed.
The optional parameter /drop enforces to hang up automatically after X seconds. With the parameter "line", a line can be selected (eg 2.1 = second line, first address (MSN)), or the line name or MSN.
/answer The current call is answered, if supported by the TAPI driver.
/transfer Executes the call transfer. Condition: There is a consultation call and a held conversation.
/dtmf DIGITS The DIGITS are sent as DTMF dialing on the current call. This works only if the TAPI driver supports lineGenerateDigits.
/close Closes a running application instance without confirmation dialog.
/start_delay SECONDS Application is started with delay. Maximum 120 seconds.
/wait_for_dir SECONDS Application waits, if the working directory is not immediately available. Maximum 120 seconds. Version 2.2.073 or greater.
/dir WORKING_DIRECTORY The cti_client.exe reads and stores her configuration and dates in the declared working directory. The working directory can be also placed in quotation marks. Hint: The cti_client.exe have to be run always by a program link with registered working directory.

Some parametres (like /dial and /close) assume that a application instance is running. The cti_client.exe started by command line transfers her parametres to the running application and finishes itself then without becoming visible.
The Light version supports only /dir.


  • c:\Programme\xtelsio_CTI_Client\cti_client.exe /dial 12345678
    The already running application instance initiates a call to 12345678.
  • c:\Programme\xtelsio_CTI_Client\cti_client.exe /dial 12345678 /drop 10
    The already running application instance initiates a call to 12345678 and hangs up after 10 seconds.
  • c:\Programme\xtelsio_CTI_Client\cti_client.exe /dir c:\xtelsio_CTI_Client_data
    The client is started with the working directory c:\xtelsio_CTI_Client_data.