TeamChat offers easy and fast 1: 1 communication. By this way, chat messages can be exchanged even if you or one of your colleagues is in a phone call. Or send a colleague whose presence status is currently "away" a message with a callback-request.

Requirements for the TeamChat feature

  1. The CTI Client must have a CTI Server speed-dial panel included. The speed dial keys included in the panel are each assigned to a team colleague and show their telephony and presence status.

  2. Since the TeamChat function is provided in connection with the "presence management" via the CTI Server, it requires a license key for the "presence management" in the CTI Server. The license is only required once (150 EUR) per server.

  3. In the basic configuration the TeamChat function is deactivated. You can activate this function via the configuration dialog [Options > CTI Server > TeamChat]. After activation, the "TeamChat" function is displayed in the contect menu of speed dial buttons in the server panel.
Further help topics:

Send a chat message

Open the chat dialog via the context menu of the respective speed dial button of the server panel. In the chat dialog a corresponding chat tab is activated. If the chat dialog is already open, a chat can also be started via the "New Chat" icon or by pressing the "Ctrl+N" key combination. A pop-up menu will appear with all available teammates.

Enter your message in the input field and send it by pressing Enter. Your message will be reflected in the chat history screen. The input field is now ready for further input. If you want to insert a line break within a message, you can use the key combination "Ctrl+Enter". To end a chat, just close the corresponding tab.

Alternatively, the chat dialog can also be opened via the "Window" menu or a custom global hotkey. TeamChat also supports multiple parallel chats on separate tabs. For example, it is possible to keep one or more chats permanently open as a "leased line".

Hint: TeamChat supports communication with one team member per chat tab. Group chats with multiple colleagues within a chat are currently not supported.

Receive a chat message

When receiving a chat message, the chat dialog opens as a pop-up on the desktop. In addition, a beep is played. A chat tab with the sender and the received message is automatically activated.


The configuration of TeamChat can be customized under [Options > CTI Server > TeamChat].

The following settings are available


  • deactivate
  • activate
  • automatically activate (at the first incoming message)

For an incoming message:

  • Play sound
  • Show chat dialog

Chat dialog settings:

  • Show chat dialog via global hotkey.
  • Do not show your own name in the chat dialog.
  • Close all chats when closing the chat dialog.
  • Close chat dialog at program end when it is displayed as a pop-up window.