Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Dial Settings > Format of Phone Numbers]

Format of the phone number

According to TAPI driver phone numbers are indicated in different formats. To work internal with a homogeneous mapping, the format of the indicated phone numbers is needed. If no outside line access code is set, nationa numbers should start with "0" and international number s with "00".

Hint: The outside line access code configuration is available in tab [PBX System].

Extended Settings

Add missing national prefix for national numbers.

This option may add a missing "0", if the TAPI driver sends "1729999999" instead of "01729999999".
Default Setting: Off

Cut prefix sequence

#? For numbers that begin with #, the # and the following characters will be truncated.
#40177999999 is changed to 0177999999

Replace prefix number

Special characters
i When a replacement rule starts with 'i', it only applies to incoming calls.
? Stands for any character.

940=>0511361 replace 940 with 0511361
940=>0511361,941=>06134444 replace 940 with 0511361
and 941 with 06134444
i#??=>0 then an incoming number begin with #, the first three digits are replaced with 0
?=>00? Add 00 for all numbers

Suppress numbers, starting with

Hint: Separate multiple numbers with comma.