Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Dial Settings > Error Handling]

For special TAPI drivers a specific error handling can be necessary in order to guarantee a frictionless co-operation with xtelsio.

Automatic TAPI Driver Reset

... after X calls: Here you can determine whether the TAPI driver is supposed to be reinitialized according to a certain number of phone-calls automatically.

... after reactivation from the stand-by mode: This option can be helpful if the TAPI driver does not function after a reactivation from the stand-by state anymore.

Incoming Calls

don't send "accept call" automatically: By default this option is deactivated, that is for incoming calls the TAPI-function lineAccept is called, which causes that the call is assigned to your phone to ring.
You should activate this option only then if you have problems while accepting phone-calls which can be removed with that.

End of call

You should use the following options only then if the receiver does not go back to the initial state after end of conversation, but it is shown as "grey and broken".

send TAPI-command "drop" in state "disconnected": Some TAPI drivers expect, that the application "drops the call", after "disconnected" was indicated. This state occurs, if the other conversation user hangs up first.

interpret "disconnected" as "idle": This option should be activated only then if the upper option "drop" does not function that is that the receiver stays "broken" and goes not back into the initial state.

Adjustment for

GoldMine: You should activate this option if you use the TAPI driver "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in GoldMine. If you dial a phone number in GoldMine via TAPI Connector" then this action is redirected to the CTI Client.

The problem with GoldMine is, that it expects a modem TAPI device. The option "Adaption for GoldMine" makes that the "TAPI Connector" works like a modem.

Numbers passed without null-termination to the TAPI Driver: This has effect on setting a call forward. May be that the TAPI driver expects the number without \0 at the end.