Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Dial Settings > Consultation/Hold]

Execute consultation call in
  • two steps: In the first step the consultation call is introduced (dial tone) and then the target phone number is dialed. This mode is supported by most TAPI drivers.

  • one step: The TAPI consultation command gets the target phone number. The TAPI driver carries out the consultation call in one step (hold the active call + dial target phone number). It seems that more TAPI drivers have problems with this mode.
  • Perform pickup by redirect
    • This mode only works if a TAPI device for the BLF display is assigned to the speed dial buttons (monitor LED).
    • The TAPI device must also support the TAPI function "lineRedirect", which allows an incoming call to be forwarded to another extension.
      • Hint: The integrated SIP monitor lines do not support "lineRedirect".
    • When you click on a flashing speed dial button, the assigned TAPI line receives the command to forward the call to the phone number from the standard PhoneDialog.
      • Your own telephone should then ring with the original caller number displayed.
      • If necessary, the action can be monitored via [Extras > Start TAPI Monitor].
    • In the basic configuration "Pickup via redirect" is deactivated. In this case, a pickup is carried out by the PhoneDialog via the TAPI device.