Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Dial Settings > Location]

Select location

Choose here an already configured location or create a new location. The location information consists of the country code, the city code and the optional local area code of your PBX.

These information are used to format phone numbers before dialing. Example:

  • You are dialing by mouse click 0049 3727 99999
  • Your Location is: +49 3727
  • The application detects that it is a number in your own city net and dials only 99999.

Device is available only at this location: With this option you can bind a TAPI device to a location. If you change the location in the Client, this does not have any influence on the dial-settings of this device. This option is only relevant, if you have configured several locations (see for this purpose also the following hint).

Multiple Locations: You need the configuration of more than one location only in two cases:

  1. If you have configured two or more TAPI devices which are connected at different locations. (A phone hangs at a private PBX and the second phone hangs directly at a public line.)
  2. You use a laptop at different locations.

Create/edit location

New: Create a new location

Bearbeiten: Modify the settings of the current location.

In the "Your location" dialog, enter the full area code for your location.

Company: If your TAPI device is connected onto a PBX that is to be reached from outside by a PBX root number, you activate the check box then and enter the root number.
Example: Your phone has the intern phone number 1234 and is to be reached from outside over 444-1234, then 444 is to be entered into the field "PBX root number".

Delete location

Deletes the currently displayed location. This option is only available if multiple locations are listed.