Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Dial Settings > Dial]

Dialing behavior

By this option you can adjust some TAPI actions to work with the TAPI driver.

The originator's phone should be automatically taken offhook

If this option is set, the TAPI device is assigned explicitly to activate offhook-mode if you dial a phone number with hung up receiver. This TAPI parameter is not analyzed by all TAPI drivers. It can be therefore that the phone switches into the offhook-mode although this option is deactivated or turned around.
Default setting: "activated"

Suppress phone number transmission (CLIR)

With this option the TAPI driver can be informed, that the own phone number is not supposed to be indicated at the destination station. Please test the option with a phone-call onto the own mobile-phone, to ensure that the TAPI driver masters this mode.

Show "Please pickup the receiver"-dialog

This option should always be activated, if the TAPI driver can't activate the offhook-mode; e.g. with analog phones or if you use the TAPI driver of a PBX-system.

  • With the option "Show dialog first and then send dial-command.", the dialog waits for offhook and then dials the phone number with TAPI-function lineDial. It can be that this mode is not supported by your PBX.
  • With the option "Send dial command first and then show dialog.", the application sends the TAPI-command lineMakeCall immediately to the telephone or PBX and then shows the dialog.

Extended Settings


Set this option for analog-modems.

add missing national digit for long numbers

This setting can be used if you dial via "CTI TAPI Client Connector" in Outlook. Outlook formats the phone number "+49 3713356891" to "3713356891". The CTI Client then corrects to "03713356891".